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Ann Druyan is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American writer, producer, and director specializing in the communication of science. Career as an author · Film and television · Activism · Honors
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Is Ann Druyan married?
Carl Sagan
Ann Druyan / Spouse
Where does Ann Druyan live?
Druyan, who still lives in the Ithaca, N.Y., home she shared with Sagan, spent most of the past two years in a Los Angeles hotel as she oversaw the series through the final stages of post-production. She insisted on creative control.
How did Carl Sagan meet Ann Druyan?
Druyan and Sagan met at a dinner party way back in 1974, just a year after Sagan had become a true public figure with his first book, The Cosmic Connection. The two formed an instant bond, and soon collaborated on a science TV show for kids — a project that never reached fruition, unfortunately.
What did Carl Sagan discover?
Sagan's contributions were central to the discovery of the high surface temperatures of the planet Venus. In the early 1960s no one knew for certain the basic conditions of Venus' surface, and Sagan listed the possibilities in a report later depicted for popularization in a Time Life book Planets.
Ann Druyan, Writer: Contact. Ann Druyan was born on June 13, 1949 in Queens, New York, USA. She is a writer and producer, known for Contact (1997), ...
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Jul 10, 2019 · Ann Druyan served as creative director of NASA's Voyager Interstellar Message, co-wrote COSMOS: A Personal Voyage with Carl Sagan, and led the ...
Oct 30, 2020 · Ms. Druyan, who grew up in Queens, N.Y., served as creative director for the Voyager discs. She has long pushed to bring scientific ideas to ...
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Ms. Ann Druyan is an author, writer and television producer. ... She also wrote and produced the PBS NOVA episode “Confession of a Weaponeer,” on the life of ...
Mar 16, 2020 · After Sagan's death in 1996, Druyan remained prolific. She worked with The Planetary Society to create Cosmos 1, a spacecraft designed to sail ...
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