A Thousand Words

PG-13 · 2012 ‧ Comedy/Drama ‧ 1h 31m
5.9/10 · IMDb 3.8/5 · Vudu 26% · Metacritic
Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a selfish literary agent whose fast-talking ways allow him to close any deal. His next target is New Age guru Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), but the savvy doctor sees right through Jack. A magical tree appears in Jack's...
Initial release: March 9, 2012
Director: Brian Robbins
Music by: John Debney
Written by: Steve Koren
Box office: $22 million

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A Thousand Words is a 2012 American comedy drama film directed by Brian Robbins and starring Eddie Murphy. It was released in theaters on March 9, 2012, ... Plot · Cast · Production · Release Produced by: Alain Chabat; Stephanie Danan; Nicolas Cage; Norman Golightly; Brian Robbins; Sharla Sumpter Bridgett Budget: $40 million Cinematography: Clark Mathis Starring: Eddie Murphy; Kerry Washington; Cliff Curtis; Clark Duke; Allison Janney; Ariel Winter; Jack McBrayer
Rating (41,682)
A Thousand Words ... A Bodhi tree sprouts up on the property of literary agent Jack McCall after he stretches.
Rating (59)
A disastrous comedy at times, with a few unexpected touching moments sprinkled throughout, A Thousand Words fails to come together like it should, and becomes a ... Box Office (Gross USA): $18.4M Genre: Comedy Release Date (Streaming): Jun 26, 2012
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Rating (906) A Thousand Words : Eddie Murphy, Allison Janney, Brian Robbins: Movies & TV.
Rating (917)
A Thousand Words ... After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, a literary agent finds a Bodhi tree on his property - and the tree holds a lesson ...
Rating (8,821)
A Thousand Words ... Fast-talking Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) says whatever it takes to close a deal. But after stretching the truth with a spiritual guru, he ...Posted: Jun 22, 2012