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1 day ago While 30 Rock was on television, it became a huge hit for NBC and ended up strengthening the careers of its 30 Rock cast, which included famous names like...
7 hours ago The fledgling record label backed early releases from a slew of like-minded punk rock bands including Heavens To Betsy and Bikini Kill, which featured vocalist...
3 days ago "Currently, it's not in the way of my creativity. And I don't even see it as Fallon, more than I see it as I'm still a student at 30 Rock University. And I...
1 day ago Savannah Guthrie, who had Covid earlier this month, will co-host the Opening Ceremony broadcast with Tirico, but from 30 Rock. ESPN announced on Thursday that...
6 hours ago Ah, "Tall Girl," the much-discussed Netflix coming-of-age film that sounds like a fake movie from "30 Rock." The film was on the receiving end of a lot of...
4 hours ago Before Jane Krakowski played the delightfully absurd star Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock... Jenna Maroney walks into a studio holding a huge coffee and a tiny dog.
6 days ago Like the Cameron Diaz movie?" 30. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock.
1 day ago ... from bit parts in the likes of "All My Children" and "Sex and the City" to starring roles in "Scrubs," "30 Rock," and "Modern Family" (per IMDb).
21 hours ago The character actually traces back to NBC Sports, which might surprise some who might think Lasso originated at SNL's Studio 8H in 30 Rock.
2 days ago In 2006, Fey departed “SNL” in order to work on “30 Rock.” NBC Studios. Content Exchange. Tags. Tncen Thestacker.