12 Monkeys

2015 ‧ Sci-fi ‧ 4 seasons
7.7/10 ˇ IMDb 88% ˇ Rotten Tomatoes
A man from the post-apocalyptic future, Cole uses a dangerous, untested method of time travel to get from 2043 to the present day. He is on a mission to locate and rid the world of the source of the plague that will eventually annihilate the human...
Adapted from: Twelve Monkeys
Original release: January 16, 2015 –; July 6, 2018
Genre: Science fiction; Mystery; Drama
Creator: Terry Matalas
S04 E11 ˇ The Beginning Part 2
Jul 6, 2018
S04 E10 ˇ The Beginning Part 1
Jul 6, 2018
S04 E09 ˇ One Minute More
Jun 29, 2018
S04 E08 ˇ Demons
Jun 29, 2018
S04 E07 ˇ Daughters
Jun 29, 2018
S04 E06 ˇ Die Glocke
Jun 22, 2018
S04 E05 ˇ After
Jun 22, 2018
S04 E04 ˇ Legacy
Jun 22, 2018
S04 E03 ˇ 45 RPM
Jun 15, 2018
S04 E02 ˇ Ouroboros
Jun 15, 2018
S04 E01 ˇ The End
Jun 15, 2018
S03 E10 ˇ Witness
May 21, 2017
S03 E09 ˇ Thief
May 21, 2017
S03 E08 ˇ Masks
May 21, 2017
S03 E07 ˇ Nurture
May 20, 2017
S03 E06 ˇ Nature
May 20, 2017
S03 E05 ˇ Causality
May 20, 2017
S03 E04 ˇ Brothers
May 19, 2017
S03 E03 ˇ Enemy
May 19, 2017
S03 E02 ˇ Guardians
May 19, 2017
S03 E01 ˇ Mother
May 19, 2017
S02 E13 ˇ Memory of Tomorrow
Jul 18, 2016
S02 E12 ˇ Blood Washed Away
Jul 11, 2016
S02 E11 ˇ 12 Monkeys
Jun 27, 2016
S02 E10 ˇ Fatherland
Jun 20, 2016
S02 E09 ˇ Hyena
Jun 13, 2016
S02 E08 ˇ Lullaby
Jun 6, 2016
S02 E07 ˇ Meltdown
May 30, 2016
S02 E06 ˇ Immortal
May 23, 2016
S02 E05 ˇ Bodies of Water
May 16, 2016
S02 E04 ˇ Emergence
May 9, 2016
S02 E03 ˇ One Hundred Years
May 2, 2016
S02 E02 ˇ Primary
Apr 25, 2016
S02 E01 ˇ Year of the Monkey
Apr 18, 2016
S01 E13 ˇ Arms of Mine
Apr 10, 2015
S01 E12 ˇ Paradox
Apr 3, 2015
S01 E11 ˇ Shonin
Mar 27, 2015
S01 E10 ˇ Divine Move
Mar 20, 2015
S01 E09 ˇ Tomorrow
Mar 13, 2015
S01 E08 ˇ Yesterday
Mar 6, 2015
S01 E07 ˇ The Keys
Feb 27, 2015
S01 E06 ˇ The Red Forest
Feb 20, 2015
S01 E05 ˇ The Night Room
Feb 13, 2015
S01 E04 ˇ Atari
Feb 6, 2015
S01 E03 ˇ Cassandra Complex
Jan 30, 2015
S01 E02 ˇ Mentally Divergent
Jan 23, 2015
S01 E01 ˇ Splinter
Jan 16, 2015
People also ask
Did 12 Monkeys get Cancelled?
Unfortunately, while announcing the release of the 4th season, the showrunners and cast confirmed that season 4 will also be the last. This meant no more reboots or revivals for '12 Monkeys'.
Is 12 Monkeys series worth watching?
12 Monkeys is so complex so well defined when you look at it as a whole, the plot, the ideas and themes expressed through brilliant acting... I know, it sounds too good, but it is really one of the most underestimated good sci-fi TV show, and it should receive all the appreciation for every amazing element it contains.
How many seasons of 12 Monkeys are on Netflix?
12 Monkeys
Original language
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
47 (list of episodes)
Is 12 Monkeys movie and series connected?
That said, the TV show isn't a copy or sequel of the movie. Some of the characters are the same or very similar, but only as a starting point. If you've seen the film, you will soon realize that the TV show is very much its own take on the movie's basic storyline.
12 Monkeys is an American television series on Syfy created by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett. It is a science fiction mystery drama with a time traveling ... List of 12 Monkeys episodes ˇ Barbara Sukowa ˇ Alisen Down ˇ Terry Matalas Production locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Detroit, Michigan, US (pilot); Republic of North Macedonia (season 1); Dominican ... Original network: Syfy Production companies: Division Street (season 3–4); Atlas Entertainment; Universal Cable Productions Camera setup: Single-camera
Rating (42,455)
12 Monkeys: Created by Travis Fickett, Terry Matalas. With Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, Emily Hampshire. Follows the journey of a time ... Series Cast & Crew ˇ User Reviews (317) ˇ Episode Guide ˇ Parents Guide
12 Monkeys - Get your very first look at Season 2 - coming in April! ... Podcast: Aaron Stanford, Emily Hampshire, and more on 12 Monkeys series finale.
Video for 12 Monkeys series
Jul 16, 2014 ˇ Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt star in this brilliant sci-fi masterpiece from Terry ...Duration: 2:02
Posted: Jul 16, 2014
Rating (75)
The sci-fi series is based on Terry Gilliam's 1995 film, which starred Bruce Willis as Cole. More. Starring: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, ... Series Info: A man from the post-apocalyptic future, Cole uses a dangerous, untested method of time travel to get from 2043 to the ... TV Network: SYFY Premiere Date: Jan 16, 2015
Rating (42)
12 Monkeys is the best genre show of the decade and one of the best written tv shows ever, period. Stick with the world building in S1. Every season gets better ...
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The Army of the 12 Monkeys is the mysterious organization behind the plague that wipes out humanity. The organization is led by an enigmatic figure called ...
On this, the sixth anniversary of the series debut of 12 Monkeys, the little time-travel show that could is still waiting for its moment.Duration: 5:35
Posted: Jan 16, 2021