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Jun 19, 2021 · Chuck and Buck are childhood best friends whose lives have taken very different paths. While ...
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Posted: Jun 19, 2021
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Buck tracks Chuck down and tries to turn things back to the way they were, which leads to many problems.
Chuck & Buck Trailer: Chuck And Buck movie trailer - starring Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz. Directed by Miguel Arteta. Genre: Comedy Rating: R ...
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"Chuck & Buck" is the story of a childlike young man who becomes fixated on his onetime best friend, now a cool, polished young record executive. Charting the ...
Release Date (Streaming): Dec 19, 2000
Director: Miguel Arteta
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Chuck & Buck is a 2000 American black comedy drama film directed by Miguel Arteta. It was written by and stars Mike White.
Produced by: Jason Kliot; Thomas Brown; Michael Escott; Charles J. Rusbasan; Judith Zarin
Release dates: January 21, 2000 (Sundance); July 14, 2000
Box office: $1.2 million
Rating (118)
An offbeat film about 27-year-old Buck (Mike White) reuniting with boyhood friend Chuck, who decides -- evidence to the contrary -- that they're still best ...
synopsis. Chuck and Buck were once "best friends," a relationship that means so much to children but fades once the innocence that formed it is gone.
Selected scenes and trailer from the film 'Chuck and Buck'. "Chucks Message" · "Surprise Encounter" · "Party Scene" · 'Chuck and Buck' Trailer
Chuck & Buck (2000) is a disturbing comedy, drama movie starring Mike White and Chris Weitz. It is directed by Miguel Arteta.