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Learn to pronounce can·did

  1. truthful and straightforward; frank.
    "his responses were remarkably candid"
    synonyms: frank, outspoken, forthright, blunt, open, honest, truthful, sincere, direct, straightforward, plain-spoken, bluff, unreserved, downright, straight from the shoulder, unvarnished, bald, heart-to-heart, intimate, personal, man-to-man, woman-to-woman, upfront, on the level, on the up and up, round, free-spoken
  2. (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.
    "it is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots"
    synonyms: unposed, informal, uncontrived, unstudied, impromptu, spontaneous, extemporary, natural

5 days ago · honest and telling the truth, especially about something difficult or painful: The two presidents have had candid talks about the current crisis. To be candid ...
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Jun 15, 2022 · the use of a hidden video camera to show people while they are being tricked as a joke. caméra cachée. (Traduction de candid camera depuis le Dictionnaire ...
7 days ago · to be candid about sth être franc (franche) sur qch. 2. candid shot (= photograph) instantané m (photo surprise). Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.
7 days ago · When you are candid about something or with someone, you speak honestly. She is candid about the problems she is having at work. American English: candid / ...
5 days ago · Synonymes: blunt,candid,forthright,free-spoken,outspoken,plainspoken,point-blank,straight-from-the-shoulder. frank definition and meaning. Exemples.
Jun 4, 2022 · Candidature Modérateur Attention, ce modèle doit obligatoirement reprendre toutes les informations marquées par une (*) La sincérité est primordiale pour ce ...
Jun 16, 2022 · in the USA is a candid, revealing, and entertaining dialogue between President ... for meaning, identity, and community with the American story itself.
5 days ago · [CANDIDOSE SYMPTÔMES] La candidose est une maladie due à la multiplication de champignons dont le plus fréquent est le Candida albicans.
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Jun 4, 2022 · 2.not straightforward or candid; giving a false appearance of frankness"an ... true, unfeigned, well-meaning, well-meant - authentique (fr)[Propriété~].
Jun 12, 2022 · Anglais: Hi Daniel, if I ask you private and candid question, can you - Français: Salut Daniel, si je vous pose une question privée et franche.