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6 days ago · trigger définition, signification, ce qu'est trigger: 1. a part of a gun that causes the gun to fire when pressed: 2. an event or situation, etc. that…
6 days ago · trigger warning définition, signification, ce qu'est trigger warning: 1. a ... The notion that trigger warnings violate "freedom of expression" has a ...
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What is an example of a trigger?
The definition of a trigger is the mechanism on a gun that makes it shoot a bullet or anything that starts a series of events. An example of trigger is what a cop presses to fire his gun. An example of trigger is a hostile confrontation that causes a series of bad memories with the person.
What is a trigger slang?
Urban Dictionary is used to define slang and colloquial terms, and it proceeds to define “triggered” as “when someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt, often used in memes to describe feminist, or people with strong victimization.” This definition is insulting and trivializes the actual meaning of the word.
Jan 30, 2018
What is a trigger that makes something happen?
countable noun. If something acts as a trigger for another thing such as an illness, event, or situation, the first thing causes the second thing to begin to happen or exist. Stress may act as a trigger for these illnesses. [
What does trigger mean to start?
trigger noun (START) something that causes someone to feel upset and frightened because they are made to remember something bad that has happened in the past: A trigger is something that sets off a flashback, transporting the person back to the traumatic event. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.
5 days ago
5 days ago · You will need to memorize by heart which expressions are followed by the subjunctive (versus the expressions followed by the indicative) – I will explain ...
7 days ago · Connaissez-vous les « trigger warnings » ? Cette expression anglaise qualifie un message d'« alerte » (warning) destinée à un ...
7 days ago · Les trigger warnings sont en train de gagner du terrain dans la sphère culturelle. Ces messages sont destinés à avertir un public dont des membres pourraien ...
6 days ago · contact-based-workflow-form-submission-enrollment-trigger ... tester un contact par rapport à une condition en utilisant un filtre d'expression régulière, ...
6 hours ago · Vigil@nce - An attacker can trigger an overload via Editor Regular Expression of CKEditor, in order to trigger a denial of (...)
8 hours ago · Vigil@nce - An attacker can trigger an overload via Regular Expression of Node.js marked, in order to trigger a denial of (...)
3 days ago · Pendant ces études au baccalauréat en théâtre profil interprétation de l'UQAM, il est aussi assistant professeur pour les cours d'expression corporel auprès de ...