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Les siluriformes forment un ordre regroupant les poissons-chats et les silures, il compte environ le quart des espèces de poissons d'eau douce. Ils sont nommés poissons-chats en référence à leurs barbillons, qui ressemblent aux moustaches d'un... Wikipédia
Espérance de vie: Silure glane: 60 ans
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As a fishing guide in Toulouse, I will guide you to fish for the largest and monstruous freshwater fish in France : catfish.
Fishing guide in Ain, I will teach you how to fish giant catfishes in the river Saône. Giant catfish is the largest freshwater fish in France and Europe.
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Many translated example sentences containing "catfish" – French-English ... feeding solution for large fish such as catfish and Loricariidae fish.
The Whiptail Catfish (Rineloricaria) is popular with tropical fish keeping enthusiasts, and is one of the most peaceful catfish available for community tanks.
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catfish définition, signification, ce qu'est catfish: 1. a fish with a flat head and long hairs around its mouth that lives in rivers or lakes 2. someone…
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