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Oct 31, 2011 · "Regular Show" follows the animated adventures of Mordecai ... Rigby was a doodle he made on a Post-It note while working as a writer, ...
One of the head writers on Ed Edd n Eddy. wrote some Regular Show comics & graphic novels and some... nora barry illustration.
Toujours en 2010, Cartoon Network diffuse de nouvelles émissions : Code Lyoko, Regular Show, Sym-Biontic Titan, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Adventure Time, ...
Regular Show saison 4 Partie 6/6: In the real life Devant la popularité de la série ... Alex Hirsch(créateur de Gravity Falls) dans des « writer's panels », ou encore ...
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Why did they stop making Regular Show?
When shows last for a long time on the air, a lot of times friendships and relationships are built that can't be broken. ... Formerly, J.G. Quintel revealed that after Cartoon Network announced the show would end after Season 8, they worked out a plan to allow the series to end on a satisfactory note.
Will Regular Show ever return?
There will be no ninth season for Emmy-winning series Regular Show. Cartoon Network said the series' eighth season, set to debut on September 26, will be its last.
Did pops die Regular Show?
Pops dies, feeding emotions into Anti-Pops until they both drift into Lolliland's sun. Though Pops tells Mordecai and Rigby that the ending is happy, it's still bittersweet at best. ... Some time after Rigby's graduation, the Regular Show gang is still ready to move on—the impetus for the series' real ending.
Are Mordecai and Rigby stoners?
While Mordecai and Rigby never explicitly smoke, their formulaic “guy messes up, leading to a psychedelic space endeavor” adventures stem from the college projects of the show's creator, J.G. Quintel, whose own experiences, he's said, sparked many of the on-screen plots.
... Previous episode S03E12 - Weekend at Benson's; Number S03E13; Director John Infantino; Writers Benton Connor, Calvin Wong, Hilary Florido. Regular Show ...
More @ Rigby and Mordecai present Butt Dial: a special Valentine's Day episode of Regular Show.
Regular Show: Cute gift for kids And Teens - Lined Writing Notebook, Best Gift Idea For Christmas/Birthday/New Year, Composition Notebook 6x9 - 100 Pages:  ...
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Apr 6, 2016 · New story arc, featuring guest writers Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas from Judge Dredd! Rigby and Mordecai begin a contest to see who can ...
Regular Show is one of two Cartoon Network series ever to get an eighth season, ... The writers and storyboard artists for season 8 are Benton Connor, ...