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2 days ago · Le spin-off de Breaking Bad, centré sur l'avocat véreux (mais attachant) Saul ... Il aura fait des rencontres déterminantes dans son parcours : Nacho Varga, ...
4 days ago · L' épisode de Breaking Bad " Better Call Saul " a été écrit par Peter Gould , et il ... Tuco Salamanca et Nacho Varga , membres du cartel de la drogue de Juarez.

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Does Saul wear a ring in breaking bad?
In Breaking Bad, Saul wears a gold pinky ring. It's a forgettable part of his outfit, not even mentioned in any way during the entirety of the series. ... The pinky ring belonged to his old friend, Marco. It was given to him at the funeral by Marco's mother.
Why Lalo is not in breaking bad?
Lalo Flees To Mexico Since fleeing to Mexico is Lalo's first response in a crisis, this might explain his Breaking Bad absence. It's possible that Gus simply finds a way to kick Lalo out of town - some kind of intricate blackmail scheme or legal wrangling through Jimmy, ensuring Lalo can never return to Albuquerque.
2 days ago · ... révéler déterminantes dans son parcours : Nacho Varga, ou encore Mike Ehrmantraut, un criminel spécialisé dans le. ... Spin-off et prequel de Breaking Bad.