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2012 ‧ Animation/Court métrage ‧ 11 min
Rigby voit une publicité à la télé pour un restaurant proposant le défi de l'ultime omelette : si l'on arrive à finir une gigantesque omelette, on gagne une casquette portat l'inscription 'L'omelette, c'est la fête!'. Rigby tente de relever le...
Émission: Regular Show
Date de sortie initiale: 27 février 2012
Réalisateur: J. G. Quintel
Numéro de l'épisode: 17
Video for Regular Show Eggscellent
Feb 27, 2012 · Liens et informations pour voir Regular Show saison 3 épisode 17. ... Eggscellent. 397 membres ...
Posted: Feb 27, 2012
Casquette "I'm eggscellent" de Rigby dans Regular Show | Chapeaux / Casquettes / Bonnets - I'm Eggscellent Unisex-Adult Trucker Hat -One-Size Royal/White.
People also ask
What is the story behind Regular Show?
The series revolves around the lives of two working-class friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park. They usually try to solve a simple problem that leads to a surreal, extreme, and often supernatural misadventure.
Is Regular Show a stoner show?
Though Cartoon Network seems to be the mecca of stoner programing, one show in particular stands above the rest. The animated series, “Regular Show,” while rated amongst the likes of “Adventure Time” and “Robot Chicken,” is the ultimate stoner's indulgence.
Why was Regular Show Cancelled?
The main reason the show was canceled is because of its ratings. Season six's ratings were okay as it was getting average views, but when season 7 was released the ratings just dropped by almost half and they didn't seem to be increasing any time soon and they had no choice but to pull the plug.
Who is the Deuteragonist in Regular Show?
One of the two main protagonists of Regular Show, and Rigby's best friend. Pops' birth name is Mega Kranus, is the tetragonist (the second deuteragonist) of the story and the adopted son of Mr. Meallard, who is the owner of the park. He is known to be the Park's Manager.
Eggscellent, Épisode 17 de la Saison 3 de Regular Show, une série TV de J.G. Quintel lancée en 2010. Mordecai tries to eat a large omelette in order to win ...
Achetez I'm Eggscellent Trucker Hat The Regular Show Cap Rigby Mordecai TV Show Costume à Walmart Canada. Magasinez plus de Chapeaux de sorcière et ...
8 Changes · "Regular Show 'Eggscellent is a 2011 short animation film directed by J. G. Quintel." · "Mordecai tries to eat a large omelette in order to win a hat ...
Regular Show "Eggscellent". Résumé; Fiche technique. Mordecai et Rigby se rendent dans un restaurant où l'on peut gagner un chapeau, ...
Je suis Eggscellent Hat Mordecai Won Rigby Halloween Costume TV Show Trucker Cap Cosplay Excellent ... Crochet Pattern Mordecaï Regular Show plushy.
The Eggscellent Challenge from The Regular Show is tonight's entertainment:" / Twitter ...
Regular Show - Bank Shot (S5;E10) Synopsis: Rigby défie un pro du Bank Shot… ... dont la tête est un panier de basket et reprendra sa casquette Eggscellent.
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