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The Townie

Gossip Girl episode (season 4, episode 11)
When it seems as if Juliet has gone missing, Blair and Dan join forces to track her down, Chuck starts to wonder if Lily is telling him the whole truth, and Damien makes his presence felt.
Air date: December 6, 2010
Director: Joe Lazarov
Episode no: Season 4; Episode 11
The Townie is the 11th episode of the fourth season and the 76th overall. Spotted: Dan and Blair exiting Sant Ambroeus with espresso doppio for two.
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Written by: Amanda Lasher & Stephanie Savage
Air date: December 6, 2010
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What is the townie about in Gossip Girl?
Summary. Blair and Dan team up with Damien to find Juliet in her Connecticut hometown. When Juliet spots the trio in her town, she decides to return to New York to finish what she started with Serena once and for all.
Does Jenny lose her virginity to Chuck Bass?
Season Three In Dan de Fleurette, Chuck brings Jenny as his date to the premiere of Olivia Burke's new movie, Fleur. ... After talking briefly about how alone they both are, Jenny decides to lose her virginity to him.
What is the Gossip Girl spin off called?
Production. "Valley Girls" doubles as both a Gossip Girl episode and the pilot episode of Valley Girls, a possible Gossip Girl prequel. The spin-off television series would chronicle the life of Lily Rhodes while attending high school and living with Carol in 1980s Los Angeles.
Rating (569)
Blair and Dan join forces to track down an MIA Juliet. Chuck begins to suspect Lily isn't telling him the full truth.Blair and Dan join forces to track down ...
"The Townie" is the 76th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, as well as the eleventh episode of the show's fourth season.
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Dec 7, 2010 · "Serena went to boarding school with Damien," she muses. "Damien sells drugs to Juliet. What's the connection between Juliet and Serena?" Damien ...
Dec 7, 2010 · In 'The Townie,' Blair and Dan head out on an info-seeking mission to clear Serena's name and find more than they anticipated.
Tonight on Gossip Girl it is finally time to get down to the truth about Juliet. So while Serena is in rehab remembering her childhood, Dan and Blair go on ...
Dec 7, 2010 · The Gossip Girl homepage reads: “Serena Seeks Support. ... Blair calls Juliet Ben's “Mystic Pizza townie sister.” Plus 1.
Gossip Girl 4.11 “The Townie” Review ... Watching last night's Gossip Girl was the equivalent of snorting the finest Colombian cocaine while on a drunken binge. I ...
Dec 7, 2010 · Gossip Girl ended 2010 with a bang as "The Townie" somewhat redeemed Juliet and Ben and gave the Upper East Siders a new common enemy....
Gossip Girl “The Townie” Fashion Round-Up · 14 Comments/; 07/12/2010. Serena: “You know, he was the only guy to ever say no to me.” Ok, first thing's first: ...