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The Kids Are Not All Right

Gossip Girl episode (season 4, episode 12)
Russell Thorpe, a former associate of Bart Bass, arrives in Manhattan along with his daughter - and some unfinished business. Meanwhile, Serena and Chuck band together against Lily, and Blair realises that her mother could be the key to her...
Season number: 4
Episode number: 12
Air date: January 24, 2011
Rating (481)
A former associate of Chuck's father, Russell Thorpe - along with his daughter Raina - returns to Manhattan with some unfinished business for our Upper East ...
The Kids Are Not Alright is the 12th episode of the fourth season and the 77th overall. It's a cold new year, Upper East Siders.
Summary · Recap · Starring

Written by: KJ Steinberg
Air date: January 24 2011
People also ask
Who is the real father of Blair's child?
After sleeping with Chuck (The Wrong Goodbye) and Louis (multiple times over the summer), Blair isn't sure who the father of the baby is. After encouragement from Dan and Dorota, she gets a paternity test done and finds out it is Louis' baby (The Jewel of Denial).
Is Chuck the real father of Blair's baby?
It is later revealed that she is pregnant. Blair tells Chuck that the child is Louis', and states that part of her wanted Chuck to be the father. ... Though she insists that she is in love with Louis, Blair begins to seek Chuck out as the season progresses.
What happens in Season 4 Episode 12 of Gossip Girl?
Serena and Chuck unite against Lily. Meanwhile, Blair realizes that her mother, Eleanor, may be her key to becoming a future CEO. Also, Nate worries that his father, The Captain, is having a little too much fun after his release from prison and is not taking his parole seriously.
What is wrong with Blair Waldorf?
Diagnosis. The diagnosis for Blair Waldorf fits most appropriately with Bulimia Nervosa (307.51). To be diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa, you must have the following characteristics: Recurrent episodes of binge eating.
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