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The music playing when Tony walks down his driveway in the first scene is the intro to "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife"' by Alabama 3, who also perform the opening theme song. The episode features the "Peter Gunn Theme" (by Henry Mancini) and "Every Breath You Take" (by The Police) mashed up by Kathryn Dayak from HBO.
Mar 4, 2001 · Your Vote Matters! · Scud Missile (feat. Ganjah K) · Dirty Work · Every Breath You Take / Theme from Peter Gunn (Mr. Ruggerio's Remix) · Van Gogh.
Popular Songs · You Shook Me All Night Long · Dirty Work · Y.M.C.A. · Living On a Thin Line · Sposa Son Disprezzata.
Every Breath You Take · Battle Flag · Dirty Work · High Fidelity · Hotel California · Peter Gunn · Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife · Scud Missile (feat. Ganjah K).
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Nov 4, 2010 · The Police vs Henry Mancini - "Every Breath You Take/'Peter Gunn' Theme" (from The ...
Duration: 2:34
Posted: Nov 4, 2010
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What music was played on The Sopranos?
Stylistically, the music on the show ranges from mainstream pop (Britney Spears, The Bangles) to oldies and classic rock artists (The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd), from classic jazz and soul (Ella Fitzgerald, Ben E. King) to hip-hop (Xzibit, Time Zone), often within a single episode.
What song does Gloria dance to in Sopranos?
While Tony Soprano is with Gloria, she turns on the song "Affection" by Little Steven and the Lost Boys. The same song is played over the end credits.
What song plays at the end of Pax soprana?
The song played during the final montage and end credits is an instrumental version of "Paparazzi" by Xzibit, a song derived from Gabriel Fauré's "Pavane".
What song plays at the end of Sopranos Season 1?
“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane This one follows the pattern of the show choosing to play a song earlier in an episode and then again during the final scene and credits.
"High Fidelity" by Elvis Costello (1980) · Season 3: Episode 1 "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood" originally aired March 4, 2001 ...
alabama 3 — Woke Up The Morning · Season 3 · Episode 1. Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood. 33 songs · Episode 2. Proshai, Livushka. 35 songs · Episode 3. Fortunate Son.
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"Dirty Work" by Steely Dan - Season 3, Episode 1, "Mr. Ruggiero's Neighborhood." Tony is driving his car while listening to Dirty Work by Steely Dan. Tony ...
Music · The song playing when the FBI enter the Soprano's home is "Every Breath You Take / Theme From Peter Gunn (Mr. Ruggerio's Remix)" by The Police and Henry ...