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Video for Okja
May 18, 2017 ˇ Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano star in this drama about a girl who must keep a ...
Duration: 2:15
Posted: May 18, 2017
Okja (/ˈoʊkdʒə/; Korean: 옥자) is a 2017 action-adventure film directed by Bong Joon-ho with a screenplay by Bong and Jon Ronson from a story by Bong.
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Rating (118,478)
A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her best friend - a fascinating beast named Okja.
Rating (241)
Okja is a satire on corporate greed and how awful we are. ˇ Essentially a pro-animal liberation movie, this becomes a pretty wild ride as the Korean child ...
Okja. Okja. Master genre exploder Bong Joon Ho swirls pathos, dark satire, action, and horror into an exhilarating twenty-first-century fairy tale.
Jun 28, 2017 ˇ Okja ˇ "Okja" is the heartwarming tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig, brought to life through a mix of digital effects and puppetry that ...
A gentle giant and the girl who raised her are caught in the crossfire between animal activism, corporate greed and scientific ethics. ... Watch all you want.
Rating ˇ Review by Renee Schonfeld
Feb 26, 2022 ˇ Parents need to know that Okja isn't a movie for kids. Despite the family-friendly poster of a giant pig and a little girl, and though it ...
okja plant based foods. our first release - a clean label barista oat milk :)
Jun 27, 2017 ˇ Okja is a most remarkable pig. As big as a medium-sized elephant, with a snout that looks more canine than porcine, she is slobbery and ...