The Last Ship

Vikings: Season 4, Episode 10
A fierce battle between the Vikings and the French eventually comes down to Ragnar against Rollo, and the outcome seals the fates of the two brothers.
Show: Vikings
Season number: 4
Episode number: 10
Air date: April 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016 ˇ Halfdan, Floki, and Lagertha are all wounded. Ragnar and Rollo begin to battle and come to a stalemate. The Franks win the battle, and Ragnar ... Plot ˇ Cast Air date: April 21, 2016
Apr 29, 2016 ˇ Vikings season 4 episode 10 review: The Last Ship ... Read Laura's review of the previous episode, Death All Round, here.
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Jan 11, 2021 ˇ Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 Reaction "Death All Round The Last Ship Part 2" Pt2Send us ...Duration: 16:26
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Video for Vikings Death All 'Round; The Last Ship Part 2
Apr 24, 2016 ˇ Watch highlights from Season 4 Episode 10, "The Last Ship." #VikingsSubscribe for more ...Duration: 4:00
Posted: Apr 24, 2016
Watch the preview for next week's episode, the Mid-season finale, “The Last Ship”. Ragnar, Bjorn, and Floki and coming straight for Duke Rollo!
Apr 22, 2016 ˇ On a boat somewhere downriver, the Vikings are silent. King Harald holds his brother, dead. Lagertha lies unconscious, bleeding. Bjorn sits ...
Things kicked off with a good old fashioned Vikings whooping on the Franks with Ragnar tottering around like death warmed over. If it had been anyone else ...
Ragnar has reached the last of his drug and is miserable trying to kick it, reserving all his strength for the titanic clash with Rollo. Bjorn does his best to ...
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Apr 14, 2016 ˇ Although this stereotype seems to fall into two groups; the King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) camp that thoroughly relishes it and Bjorn's ( ...