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15 hours ago ˇ The pair who always have a plan, it's the best of Kramer & Mickey!00:00 S5Ep16 The Stand ...
Duration: 13:46
Posted: 15 hours ago
People also ask
Is Seinfeld really about nothing?
The series was often described as "a show about nothing". However, Seinfeld in 2014 stated "the pitch for the show, the real pitch, when Larry and I went to NBC in 1988, was we want to show how a comedian gets his material.
Is George in every episode of Seinfeld?
George Louis Costanza is a fictional character in the American television sitcom Seinfeld (1989–1998), played by Jason Alexander. ... George appears in every episode except "The Pen" (third season).
Video for Seinfeld
8 hours ago ˇ Which Seinfeld Character did you hate the most? Which ones were your favorites? Let us know ...
Duration: 8:02
Posted: 8 hours ago
15 hours ago ˇ Seinfeld is easily one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. It's one of those shows that I never get tired of watching and to this day, no matter how many ...
6 hours ago ˇ Seinfeld is often considered one of the best sitcoms ever produced. It makes sense why multi-camera sitcoms fell by the wayside in the 21st century shortly ...
3 hours ago ˇ r/seinfeld: Hellllloooooooo! A reddit all about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Don't forget Uncle Leo!! Update 11/13/20: Now with MORE Flair!
7 hours ago ˇ “Seinfeld” is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, and the eclectic cast of characters is a big reason why. Of course there are regulars, from the core ...
“Larry and I are enormously grateful to Netflix for taking this chance on us,” Jerry Seinfeld said in a clearly tongue-in-cheek statement. “It takes a lot of ...
Posted: 22 hours ago
20 hours ago ˇ "Whatever he did, that's it. We're putting it out there," Seinfeld said of the late comedian, who played Frank Costanza.
Back in the initial writing phase for that particular episode, Larry David and Seinfeld took full advantage of a running office joke to fill in a script hole.
Duration: 0:27
Posted: 5 hours ago
23 hours ago ˇ Dan O'Keefe, the Seinfeld writer behind Festivus, says the holiday came from his troubled dad.