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Rating (4,259)
Directed by Billy Morrissette. With James Le Gros, Maura Tierney, Christopher Walken, Kevin Corrigan. A modernized retelling of "MacBeth" set in 1970s ...
Scotland, PA is a 2001 film directed and written by William Morrissette. It is a modernized version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. The film stars James ... Plot · Cast · Production
People also ask
How does Duncan die in Scotland PA?
In 1975, Duncan's, a fast-food restaurant owned by Norm Duncan in the tiny hamlet of Scotland, Pennsylvania, hosts a variety of workers. Joe “Mac” McBeth is passed over for a promotion to manager by Douglas McKenna, who has been embezzling the restaurant's money. ... Pat then decides to murder Duncan in a staged robbery.
How does Scotland PA relate to Macbeth?
The movie Scotland, PA is a movie that is based on Shakespeare's 1606 story of Macbeth. ... By the end of the movie, both characters meet their demise just like in the play. Scotland, PA opens with a view of three hippies, while the play of Macbeth, which begins with a short appearance of three witches.
Where is Scotland PA located?
"Scotland, Pa." is a black comedy retelling of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," set against the backdrop of a fast food restaurant in the early 70s, rural Pennsylvania.
Why is Scotland Pa rated R?
''Scotland, Pa. '' is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It has sexual situations and strong language.
Rating (122) Scotland, PA.: James Le Gros, Maura Tierney, Christopher Walken, Kevin Corrigan, James Rebhorn, Tom Guiry, Amy Smart, Timothy 'Speed' ...
Video for scotland pa Maura Tierney
Apr 23, 2009 · Scotland, P.A. is a darkly comic adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth set in a small town in the ...Duration: 10:01
Posted: Apr 23, 2009
Feb 15, 2002 · He shared his thoughts with his girlfriend, Maura Tierney, who became his wife, and appropriately plays Lady Macbeth, a.k.a. Mrs. McBeth, in this ...
Feb 22, 2002 · Maura Tierney, who's succeeded in series television with “News Radio” ... The resultant film, “Scotland, PA,” will hardly be confused with Orson ...
Rating (74)
This classic tale of guilt and betrayal centers on the McBeths, Joe "Mac" (James LeGros) and Pat (Maura Tierney) who are stuck in their dead-end jobs at Duncan's ...
Jan 29, 2001 · Running time: 104 MIN. With: Joe "Mac" McBeth - James LeGros Pat McBeth - Maura Tierney Lt. Ernie McDuff - Christopher Walken Anthony " ...
Feb 8, 2002 · This adolescent comic-noir trounces Shakespeare's "Macbeth," but Maura Tierney sizzles as a vengeful Lady Frycook.
Feb 10, 2002 · "ER" star Maura Tierney plays a lusty, ambitious '70s fast-food worker in the new movie "Scotland, Pa." Any actress worth her salt would relish ...