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William Richard Werstine (born April 16, 1952), better known as Billy West, is an American voice actor, comedian, impressionist, musician, and former radio ...
Early life ˇ Career ˇ Personal life ˇ Filmography
Billy West (September 22, 1892 – July 21, 1975) was a film actor, producer, and director. Active during the silent film era, he is best known as a ...
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Why did Billy West leave Doug?
Doug, some of the original members of his group had moved on. Notably, Billy West (the voice of Doug) could no longer work for what Jinkins' Disney team could afford due to the voice actor's rocketing to fame in shows as varied as Ren & Stimpy and Futurama.
Is Billy West in The Simpsons?
Billy West (born April 16, 1952) is a voice actor, best known for his roles on The Ren and Stimpy Show and Futurama. He voices some of the main characters from Futurama, including Philip J. ... On The Simpsons, he voiced Zoidberg in The Simpsons Game, and has also voiced Zoidberg, Fry, and Farnsworth in "Simpsorama".
Is Billy West married?
Violet West
Billy West / Spouse
What happened Billy West?
West is currently the voice of the Red M&M and various characters on Groening's animated Netflix series “Disenchantment.” He will appear at Boston Fan Expo at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Sept. 3-5. We called West, now in LA, to talk Boston radio, “Doug,” and the zen of silliness. Q.
William Richard Werstine is an American actor and radio personality with autism and ADHD. He grew ... Born: April 16, 1952. Photos.
Billy West is a radio personality, television, film and video game voice artist,. BILLY WEST finally has a PODCAST. After many requests for Billy ...
Video for Billy West
Aug 7, 2020 ˇ Billy West breaks down his most iconic character voices, including his voices in 'The Ren ...
Duration: 20:51
Posted: Aug 7, 2020
Billy West is a voice actor known for voicing Philip J. Fry, Dr. John Zoidberg, and Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Take a visual walk through their career ...
William Richard "Billy" West (born April 16, 1952) is an American voice actor, comedian, singer, musician, songwriter, and radio personality.
Billy West was a father and husband who lived on the moon. The Planet Express Crew thought that he was Bender Bending Rodriguez because he looked identical, and ...
Billy West was born April 16, 1952 in Detroit, Michigan and was raised Boston, Massachusetts where he played in several bands in the late 1960s and 1970s. In ...