R · 2006 ‧ Comedy/Satire ‧ 1h 25m
6.8/10 · IMDb 58% · Rotten Tomatoes 57% · Metacritic
Les Franken (Michael Rapaport) has a boring and undistinguished life as a parking-meter monitor until he decides to participate in an experimental drug study. He experiences some strange side effects which make him think he is developing special...
Initial release: January 30, 2006
Box office: $7,202
Production company: Divergent Pictures
Music by: Tom Wolfe; Manish Raval
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Special is a 2006 film, combining elements from several genres: comedy-drama, psychological thriller, satire, and science fiction. Written by: Hal Haberman; Jeremy Passmore Cinematography: Nelson Cragg Starring: Michael Rapaport; Paul Blackthorne; Josh Peck; Robert Baker; Jack Kehler; Alexandra Holden Box office: $7,202
Rating (5,521)
What makes us special? Not much, really, especially in the world created in this movie. Michael Rapaport plays Les, a down-on-his luck meter maid (what's ...
Rating (714)
The Special: Directed by B. Harrison Smith. With Davy Raphaely, Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, Doug Henderson. Suspecting his wife of infidelity, ...
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What is a special movie?
Special is a 2006 film, combining elements from several genres: comedy-drama, psychological thriller, satire, and science fiction. It was written and directed by Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore.
Where was the special movie filmed?
'Special' is filmed in California and Texas. The delightful natural locales of California include cliff-lined beaches, fascinating redwood forests, the Mojave desert, and the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains that have attracted filmmakers and tourists alike for decades.
What is the film Midnight Special about?
The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man (Michael Shannon) and his son (Jaeden Lieberher), a young boy who possesses special powers.
Midnight Special / Film synopsis
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Rating (33)
With the serious, "dedicated" performance from Michael Rapaport, Special would just be another low budget, independent film. But with that performance comes a ... Box Office (Gross USA): $6.4K
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Apr 20, 2009 · 30,399 views • Apr 20, 2009 • Directed by Hal Haberman Jeremy Passmore Starring Michael ...Duration: 1:37
Posted: Apr 20, 2009
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Mar 25, 2019 · Special, is a distinctive and uplifting new series about a gay man, ... and feature films across a ...Duration: 1:55
Posted: Mar 25, 2019
Rating (179)
Once again, I find myself strangely intrigued about what the "purpose" of a movie such as this is... why write it, why film it, why act in it, why watch it? It ...
Rating (179)
Special. (179) 6.81 h 21 min2008X-RayR. Everything changes for Les the day he is accepted into an experimental drug study. Directors: ---.
A young gay man with cerebral palsy branches out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants. Watch trailers & learn more.
The Special Events and Film Production Office does not plan, present or sponsor events itself. Events in Virginia Beach are planned and presented by ...