Kendall Roy

Fictional character
Played by: Jeremy Strong
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Kendall Roy is Logan's second-oldest son and a prime to lead Waystar when Logan retires. However, he has yet to gain the full trust of his father. Rava Roy · Roman Roy · Iverson Roy · Sophie Roy Children: Iverson Roy (Son); Sophie Roy (Daughter) Wife: Rava Roy (Estranged Wife) Family: Ewan Roy (Uncle); Greg Hirsch (Cousin Once Removed) First appearance: Celebration
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How much is the Roy family worth?
Roy O.'s grandson, Roy P., previously said the family owns less than 3% of the company, but assuming it is about that amount would put their fortune around $3.9 billion (not counting any investments in addition to Disney holdings).
Why did Kendall betray Logan?
He's shied away from his strength, Kendall has. Logan knew in order to sacrifice himself, he would have to do it through his family. He figured that the one chance he had was to make Kendall into the killer. ... He wanted to keep it within the family, as opposed to it coming from outside of the family.
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Jeremy Strong (born December 25, 1978) is an American actor. ... He is best known for his role as Kendall Roy on the HBO television series Succession (2018 – ...
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No, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) is the most sexless of the bunch. He's weak and he's pitiable. A Nazi-just-following-orders, whose plans never launch, in the ...
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Jul 27, 2020 · As Kendall Roy, the second-oldest son of the Roy family and once heir-apparent to the Waystar ...Duration: 15:41
Posted: Jul 27, 2020
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