Apocalypse Hitler

Television series
8.2/10 ˇ IMDb
A two part series exploring the rise of Adolf Hitler and the birth of his Nazi ideology through known and unpublsiehd documents that archive his path from failed artist through to far-right activitist and Chancellor of Germany.
Original network: France Télévisions
Original release: October 25 –; October 25, 2011
Rating (1,868)
Chronicles Hitler's life as a failed painter and far-right activist up to his election as Chancellor of Germany, leading to his relentless rise to power, ...
Rating (82)
Apocalypse: Hitler Takes on the West: With Mathieu Kassovitz, Nathan Rippy. May 10th, 1940, Hitler takes on the West. Will he precipitate Europe into the ...
Posted: Oct 11, 2021
Apocalypse: Hitler is a French two-part television series chronicling the rise of Adolf Hitler and the birth of Nazi ideology, broadcast on France 2 on 25 ...
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Who narrates Apocalypse Hitler?
Apocalypse: The Second World War
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Mathieu Kassovitz - French Martin Sheen - English US Jonathan Booth - English UK
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Where can I watch Hitler Rise of Evil?
Hitler: The Rise of Evil (Part 1), a drama movie is available to stream now. Watch it on The Roku Channel, FilmRise, FilmRise History or FilmRise Drama on your Roku device.
What was Adolf Hitler's true name?
Adolf Schickelgruber changed his name to Adolf Hitler, a not uncommon sirname in the Corinthian province of Austria where he was born, and where indeed some of his relatives had that name. Europe's other modern mass murderer, Josef Stalin, went one step further and created his own surname, Stalin, the man of steel.
What is Hitler's most famous for?
Adolf Hitler is one of the most well-known—and reviled—figures in history. As the leader of Nazi Germany, he orchestrated both World War II and the Holocaust, events that led to the deaths of at least 40,000,000 people. In the ensuing decades, he was the subject of countless books, documentaries, and TV shows.
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Infamous for his crimes against humanity, Hitler's rise to power was unexpected and devastating. This series takes a remarkable look into the Führer's ascent, ...
Synopsis. May 10th, 1940, Hitler takes on the West. Nazi tanks and planes ravage the countryside and cities of Belgium, Netherlands and Northern France.
In June 1941, Hitler took his greatest gamble - launching an attack against the Soviet Union. Despite being the largest German operation of WWII, ...
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The Apocalypse Hitler trope as used in popular culture. Think of evil. Not Saturday Morning Cartoon evil, or Hollywood Blockbuster evil, but festering, …