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spin-off (from/of something) a book, a film, a television programme, or an object that is based on a book, film or television series that has been very successful. The TV comedy series is a spin-off of the original movie.
4 days ago
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6 days ago · a product that develops from another more important product: The research has had spin-offs in the development of medical equipment.
7 days ago · "Machete" is kind of a double spinoff. The character started off in the "Spy Kids" franchise, a weird beginning for a hard R exploitation film starring Danny ...
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2 days ago · 'Encanto' Filmmakers on the Magical Musical's Disney+ Debut and Spinoff Potential. On the day of the film's Disney+ release, the directors also tell TheWrap ...
7 days ago · Well, for starters, he is now the Sorcerer Supreme, meaning that he is now the head of Kamar-Taj and essentially ahead of sorcery over Doctor Strange himself.
3 days ago · The main series follows their attempts to assist people who find themselves possessed by demonic spirits, while the spin-off films focus on the origins of ...
5 days ago · The Star Trek canon includes the Original Series, nine spin-off television series, and a film franchise; further adaptations also exist in several media.
5 days ago · What's truly fascinating is the unseen villain of the movie, Le Bail aka the devil himself. The film gives a brief explanation about how the Le Domas family ...
4 days ago · There wasn't just one sequel hinted at in the mid-credits scene of the movie, but dozens, including video games and spin-offs too.
14 hours ago · Big Mouth's spin-off series on Netflix, Human Resources, is growing into an incredible show of its own, with a recently greenlit second season.