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Learn to pronounce schism

a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.
"the widening schism between Church leaders and politicians"
synonyms: division, split, rift, breach, rupture, break, separation, severance, estrangement, alienation, detachment, chasm, gulf, discord, disagreement, dissension, disunion, scission

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5 days ago · schism meaning: 1. a division into two groups caused by a disagreement about ...
8 hours ago · strong disagreement within an organization, especially a religious one, that makes its members divide into separate groups. schism within something The ...
4 days ago · Noun. isms and schisms (pl.) (plural only). Different beliefs and ideologies, and the conflicts between them.
5 days ago · The meaning of UPHEAVAL is the action or an instance of upheaving especially ... Recent Examples on the Web The arrest also highlights a schism within Hong ...
3 days ago · This thesaurus page is about all possible synonyms, equivalent, same meaning and similar words for the term great schism.
7 days ago · great schism Meaning in marathi ( great schism शब्दाचा मराठी अर्थ). ग्रेट स्किझम. Noun: मस्त वेगळेपण,. People Also Search:.
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5 days ago · ... but it is experiencing a schism after years of debate about same-sex ... between the denominations and what does the split mean for congregants?