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Video for Roots episode 2
Feb 27, 2020 · Roots. [Episode 2, 1977-01-24] | 4 of 12 | 77042ent-4. From Walter J. Brown Media Archives ...
Posted: Feb 27, 2020
Video for Roots episode 2
May 31, 2016 · In 1775, Kunta is working on the Waller farm when he meets English Redcoats encouraging ...
Posted: May 31, 2016
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Rating (393)
Redcoats attempt to persuade slaves to run away and join the English army; Kunta escapes but slave catchers apprehend him and amputate half of his foot to ...
Jun 1, 2016 · The episode opens with Kunta Kinte (Malachi Kirby) fleeing through the woods, being pursued by the Connoly (Tony Curran), the wicked overseer ...
Rating · Review by Vulture
May 31, 2016 · “Part Two” of Roots picks up a decade into Kunta Kinte's captivity, with Kunta (Malachi Kirby) on the run from the Waller plantation.
After three months, Kunta is put up for auction; he goes to the Reynolds plantation in Spotsylvania, Va., where he is befriended by Fiddler, the American.
It received unprecedented Nielsen ratings for the finale, which holds the record as the third-highest-rated episode for any type of ...
Aug 11, 2020 · Episode 2: Roots ... Center for American Progress researcher Jocelyn Frye reflects on how the gender pay gap and gender pay discrimination ...
Kunta is involved in a disastrous attempt at rebellion on board the slaveship before his arrival at Annapolis, where he is sold to his first owner and meets ...
Video for Roots episode 2
Nov 13, 2019 · Season 4 Episode 2 Preview ... In this episode, three guests each learn about a grandparent ...
Posted: Nov 13, 2019