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Rating (1,105)
Top cast ; Tony Shalhoub ˇ Adrian Monkas Adrian Monk ; Traylor Howard ˇ Natalie Teegeras Natalie Teeger ; Jason Gray-Stanford ˇ Randall Disheras Randall Disher.
Cast (18) ˇ Tony Shalhoub ˇ Traylor Howard ˇ Jason Gray-Stanford ˇ Ted Levine.
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Cast ; Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk ; Rebecca Field. Gail ; Ted Levine. Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer ; Jason Gray-Stanford. Lt. Randall Disher ; Jim Parrack. Roger Zisk.
Season Regulars 4. Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk. Ted Levine. Leland Stottlemeyer. Jason Gray-Stanford. Randall Disher. Traylor Howard. Natalie Teeger ...
Mr. Monk Bumps His Head - Crew / Cast: Director: Stephen Surjik, with: Tony Shalhoub (Adrian Monk), Laurie Metcalf (Cora Little), Ted Levine (Capt.
Mr. Monk Bumps His Head Monk Season 4. Tomatometer ... Monk is struck on the head and wakes up with amnesia in an unfamiliar town. Genres: ... Cast & Crew.
Episode Guide for Monk 4x11: Mr. Monk Bumps His Head. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more.
Stanley Kamel. as Dr. Charles Kroger ˇ Jim Parrack. as Roger Zisk. Laurie Metcalf. as Cora Little ˇ Rebecca Field. as Gail. Bre Blair. as Debbie Barnett ...
Mr. Monk Bumps His Head. Comedy 20 Jan 2006 41 min Globoplay. Available on Prime Video, Globoplay. S4 E11: It's late, and Monk and Natalie are at a deserted ...
He works as a private police homicide consultant and undergoes therapy with the ultimate goal of overcoming his grief, taking control of his phobias and ...