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Jul 21, 2000 · Buck (Mike White, the film's author) is a gawky case of arrested development, who stands too close and doesn't know when to stop talking and ...
Rating (88)
"Chuck & Buck" is the kind of film that most of us don't necessarily love, but it leaves us in a good mood regardless. It's such a deeply unsettling, sometimes ...
Jul 14, 2000 · Though "Chuck and Buck," Miguel Arteta's new film, is frequently funny and always sincere, there is nothing cute or heartwarming about its view ...
Jul 14, 2000 · Put away any fears that Chuck and Buck is a homophobic thriller with White as a gay stalker who goes psycho and Weitz as his unwitting victim.
Nov 9, 2000 · The movie is pretty rough and ready and has no ready-made audience to play to: it does not fall easily into any obvious comic category, but it ...
Rating (30)
Settings Fullscreen. Volume. Now Playing: Chuck And Buck ... Read full review ... The kind of movie that gets under your skin and takes root.
Rating · Review by Colin Kennedy
A true original. Chuck & Buck won't make for the most relaxed evening's entertainment by any means, but it is funny and daring, and well worth the occasional ...
Rating (5,617)
Great film and quite unsettling in its handling of the relationship between the two men. The character of Chuck (the music exec) is a really awful character and ...
MOVIE REVIEW: Pals 'Chuck & Buck' grow and change. Sun | T.G.I.F.. By David Germain, The Associated Press — Sep 8th, 2000. 'Chuck & Buck'. RATED: R.
Aug 26, 2000 · Chuck and Buck, one of the few adult movies of the summer season, dares to explore the question of arrested development and its disastrous ...