Why Is This Night Different?

Homeland episode (season 5, episode 4)
Saul and Allison dine with the Israeli ambassador to Germany and discuss Middle East peace; Quinn prepares for Carrie to fake her death; an ambush at the post office leads Carrie to save Quinn.
Show: Homeland
Season number: 5
Episode number: 4
Air date: October 25, 2015
Written by: Ron Nyswaner

"Why Is This Night Different?" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 52nd episode overall. Plot · Reception · Reviews
Oct 25, 2015 · Which may be why the hour actually begins with Saul's story, not Carrie's, the first episode to do so this season. Saul and Allison are at a ...
Rating (2,416)
Top cast · Gideon Raff(based on the original Israeli series "Prisoners of War" by) · Howard Gordon(developed for American television by) · Alex Gansa(developed for ...
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Why Is This Night Different? Why Is This Night Different? ← Season 5, Episode 4 → Written ...
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Oct 25, 2015 · It's a good thing Quinn had Carrie at the post office, because whoever wanted her dead tried to kill him too. A man drives up to Quinn on the ...