Under the Knife

Gotham episode (season 1, episode 20)
The Ogre is targeting the loved ones of any cop who tries to investigate his murders, so Detective Jim Gordon pleads with Dr Leslie Thompkins to get out of Gotham while she still can. But is she really the one the Ogre is after?
Show: Gotham
Season number: 1
Episode number: 20
Director: T.J. Scott
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Rating (2,991)
Videos8. Gotham: Barbara Conquers One Of Her Biggest Fears. Clip 1:11 ∑ Gotham: Barbara Conquers One ... April 20, 2015 (United States). Country of origin.
"Under the Knife" is the twentieth episode of the television series Gotham. It premiered on FOX on April 20, 2015 and was written by John Stephens, and directed†... PlotReceptionCritical reviews
Apr 21, 2015We're nearing the end of season 1, but tonight is all about beginnings. ... Gotham. S1 E20. type. TV Show. network. Fox. genre.
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"Under the Knife" is the twentieth episode of the first season of Gotham. It first aired on April 20, 2015.
Apr 20, 2015The Ogre targets someone close to Gordon; Bruce and Selina expose a corrupt Wayne Enterprises employee; and Nygma comes to Kristin†...
Apr 20, 2015At the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock interview a cop whose wife was killed by The Ogre. He's staying quiet, until Gordon drops a series of pictures of†...
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Apr 20, 2015Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Under the Knife, While Jim continues his pursuit of the Ogre ...Posted: Apr 20, 2015
In Season 1, Detective Gordon tangles with unsavory crooks and supervillains in Gotham City and forms a friendship with newly ... Episode 20 of Season 1.
Apr 21, 2015Nygma confronts Officer Dougherty with a riddle: I can start a war or end one. I can give you the strength of heroes or leave you powerless. I might†...
Gotham Season 1 Episode 20 Review: ”Under the Knife” ... This week's episode of Gotham continues the three-episode arc featuring Milo Ventimiglia as the serial†...