God of Vampires

2010 ‧ Horror/Thriller ‧ 2h 24m
4/10 ˇ IMDb 67% ˇ Fandango
Professional killer Frank Ng discovers that his target, a Chinese crime boss, is actually a vampire. The vengeful Kiang-Shi vows to inflict upon Frank unbearable pain. Cursed, the hitman is condemned to witness the deaths of those he loves.
Initial release: 2010
Director: Rob Fitz
Editor: Cherry Enoki
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Rating (135)
God of Vampires ... Professional killer, Frank Ng, contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord, discovers the crime boss is a Chinese vampire. Frank strikes out in ...
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God of Vampires (2010) is a movie directed by Rob Fitz and is currently available to stream on Netflix. ˇ Synopsis: Professional Killer, Frank Ng, has been ...
Taking its cue from old John Woo films and Sam Raimi's early indie-horror outings, God of Vampire tells the tale of Chinese vampires and their bloodthirsty ...Duration: 1:21
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Oct 8, 2006 ˇ This is the trailer for the upcoming film, "God of Vampires." Hope you guys enjoy it!Duration: 2:09
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