Denise Calls Up

PG-13 · 1995 ‧ Comedy/Indie film ‧ 1h 20m
6.6/10 · IMDb 77% · Rotten Tomatoes
The telephone becomes a vital link among a group of workaholics who communicate frequently but never meet in person.
Release date: March 29, 1996 (USA)
Director: Hal Salwen
Screenplay: Hal Salwen
Language: English
Music composed by: Lynn Geller
Production company: Davis Entertainment

Rating (1,308)
Life, love, sex, birth, death...and all on the phone. This very hip comedy is all about a handful of New York guys and gals who tend to their relationships via ...
Denise Calls Up is a 1996 American comedy released by Sony Pictures Classics in 1996. ... Written and directed by Hal Salwen, it has an ensemble cast which ... Synopsis · Cast · Reception
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Nov 12, 2014 · Denise Calls Up Trailer 1996Director: Hal SalwenStarring: Aida Turturro, Dana Wheeler ...Duration: 1:36
Posted: Nov 12, 2014
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This is a fresh comedy about 6 young New Yorkers who "live" on the phone. These phone-a-holics fall in love, break up, psychoanalyze each other, give birth and ...
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Critic Reviews for Denise Calls Up · A minor but quirkily charming comedy about alientaion, love, and folly that reflects the zeitgeist in terms of AIDS and ...
Denise Calls Up ... In this award-winning comedy for the carpal-tunnel set, seven busy young professionals have better relationships with their computers and ...Duration: 1:35
Posted: Feb 1, 2007
Apr 26, 1996 · The movie is about a group of seven friends who, we gradually realize, have never met. They keep in touch mostly by phone. As the story opens, ...
Hal Salwen's "Denise Calls Up" is an amusing, soundbite-era satire about the dehumanizing link-up between deep human impulses (specifically love) and ...
In Denise Calls Up, the metaphor of choice is telecommunication, ... (complete with mobile, call-waiting, speaker-phone and answering machine options).
Denise Calls Up 1995 (PG-13). Comedy about futility and complications of urban relationships among overworked professionals.