Nia Nal
Nicole Maines as Nia Nal / Dreamer
First appearance
"American Alien" Supergirl October 14, 2018
Last appearance
"Kara" Supergirl November 9, 2021
Created by
Robert Rovner Jessica Queller
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Nia disguises herself as a rich lady so that Menagerie can follow her. When she does, Nia as Dreamer reveals herself and Supergirl and J'onn appear and arrest ...
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Duration: 2:07
Posted: 7 days ago
Nial Nal (also known as Dreamer) is one of the tritagonists of the CW's 2015 TV series, Supergirl, having made an appearance in the fourth season. Nia Nal ...
"Supergirl" The Quest for Peace (TV Episode 2019) Nicole Maines as Nia Nal, Dreamer.
Supergirl and Nia Nal to fight a transphobic villain with Dreamer in new ... Dreamer is transgender and wants her to quit being a superhero.
Duration: 3:35
Posted: Mar 4, 2020
Nia Nal has something to tell the world on Sunday's Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c) — and the world is listening. The episode, appropriately titled ...
Posted: Apr 27, 2019
Jan 27, 2019 ˇ Supergirl's latest death just inspired Nia Nal to become a superhero. In "Blood Memory," the latest episode, Kara Danvers took a road trip ...
Season 4 Episode 11 finally shows Nia Nal's origin story as Dreamer, and she even gets a suit to go along with it.
Duration: 0:30
Posted: Jan 28, 2019
May 6, 2021 ˇ Supergirl is set to end with its sixth season but the journey of Nia Nal (a.k.a Dreamer) should continue — with her joining the Legends of ...
May 8, 2021 ˇ Dreamer was introduced in Supergirl Season 4, she is the first transgender superhero on television. As an original creation from Supergirl, Nia ...