The Red Tent

2014 ‧ Drama ‧ 1 season
Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob, spends her childhood inside the red tent where the women of her tribe share the traditions and turmoil of ancient womanhood. She recounts the stories of these women, who were the four wives of Jacob.
First episode date: December 7, 2014
Final episode date: December 8, 2014
Number of episodes: 2
Director: Roger Young
Genres: Drama, Adventure, Miniseries, and more

Dec 4, 2014 · From a secular perspective, The Red Tent may not exactly be an epic, but it's an engaging and very well cast story of the triumph and resilience of ...
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Rating (3,355)
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Rating (13)
Critics Consensus: While its premise isn't yet fully realized, The Red Tent boasts an appealing lead and enough energy to suggest greater promise. 2014, ...
Dec 4, 2014 · Literary in tone and shot with considerable scope in Morocco, the first half of this four-hour miniseries proves stronger than the second, but by ...
The Red Tent is an American television miniseries produced by Paula Weinstein and directed by Roger Young. The first two-hour episode premiered on Lifetime ... Plot · Reception
Dec 4, 2014 · “The Red Tent” depicts the gore of an entire town being slaughtered, the beating of women and shows many steamy sexual scenes. Intended for ...
Rating (786) The Red Tent: Morena Baccarin, Rebecca Ferguson, Minnie Driver , ... Peter McAleese, Elizabeth Chandler, Sony Pictures Television: Movies & TV. ... It's ok to write one's own review, for or against, without being offended by ...
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Dec 5, 2014 · “The Red Tent” manages to address serious issues — rape, tribal rivalries and brutal subjugation of women — while somehow managing to ...
Dec 4, 2014 · The Red Tent” is a faithful dramatization of Anita Diamant's book that filled in a story the Bible didn't finish.