Outsiders II

2004 ‧ Action
The Outsiders II, is a 2004 romance and action Taiwanese drama starring Dylan Kuo, Ady An, Show Lo and Michael Zhang. The drama is a sequel of 2004 "The Outsiders". The storyline backtracks the years Blue Lan's character "Shan Li Jie" is serving a... Wikipedia
Ending theme: You Say 你說 by Chen Ke Hao 陳科妤
No. of series: 2
No. of episodes: 20
Opening theme: Grey Space 灰色空間 by Show Lo 羅志祥
Executive producers: Ke Yi-qín 柯以勤; Chen Zhi Han 陳芷涵

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Release Date (Streaming): Mar 9, 2018
Genre: Mystery & thriller, Crime, Drama
The Outsiders II (Traditional Chinese: 鬥魚2 , Pinyin: Dou Yu Yi), is a 2004 romance and action Taiwanese drama starring Dylan Kuo, Ady An, ...

Original release: 29 September –; 1 December 2004
Original language: Mandarin
Original network: GTV
Related shows: The Outsiders 鬥魚
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