Saturn Girl

Fictional superhero
Saturn Girl is a fictional superheroine appearing in American DC comic books. A talented telepath from the 30th century, Saturn Girl is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Imra's "Saturn Girl" title refers to her homeworld of Titan,... Wikipedia
Love interest: Lighting Lad
Species: Titanian
First appearance: Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958)
Team affiliations: Legion of Super-Heroes
Significant other: Garth Ranzz

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Imra Ardeen to Supergirl. Imra Ardeen is a powerful Titanian with psychic abilities from the 31st century. Her home "planet" is Titan, the largest moon of ...
Home universe: Earth-38
Family: Preya Ardeen (sister); Mon-El (ex-husband)
Actor: Amy Jackson
Occupation: Original multiverse; Member of the Legion; Vigilante (in secret); New multiverse; Member of the Legion; Vigilante (in ...
Imra Ardeen was the wife of Mon-El and the former step-mother of Rose Zor-El. She is a member of the Legion.
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Nov 26, 2017 · DOWNLOAD STARDUST here: & tag @thedctvshow to be featured in ...
Duration: 6:25
Posted: Nov 26, 2017
The third season of the American television series Supergirl, which is based on the DC ... Supergirl, Mon-El, and Imra battle Pestilence until Purity arrives to ...
No. of episodes: 23
Original release: October 9, 2017 –; June 18, 2018
Original network: The CW
Imra Ardeen : You eat things with your hands. So fun. Mon-El tells me there's a place in town where you can eat all the ribs you want. What did you call it? " ...
"Supergirl" Wake Up (TV Episode 2017) Amy Jackson as Imra Ardeen. ... Showing all 3 items. Jump to: ... Imra Ardeen : I can't believe it's really you.
Feb 6, 2018 · Imra came from a powerful and influential family, and marrying Mon-El brought the planets together, presumably bringing peace and alliance. Mon- ...
Apr 30, 2018 · As the third Worldkiller emerges, Kara and Imra disagree over how to handle the growing threat, while key members of the DEO fall sick.
Sep 25, 2017 · The character, who also answers to Imra Ardeen, will be played by British-born Bollywood actress Amy Jackson. According to her official ...
Jul 5, 2018 - Imra Ardeen | Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson in Supergirl, Season 3, 2017)