Outsiders: Season 1, Episode 6
Ledda tries to convince her brother Houghton to finally quit using drugs and alcohol. Her husband is not enthusiastic about the constant contact with Houghton until he is offered a job.
Show: Outsiders
Air date: March 1, 2016
Big Foster's lust for guns blows back on him and the entire Farrell clan.
Rating (145)
The mountain demands a sacrifice of blood and Lil Foster struggles to resist his primal instincts while in county jail. Plot summary · Add synopsis.
Nov 3, 2021 · A guide to Episode 6 from Series 1 of Outsiders. ... It's the Outsiders' last day living together in the wild. There's all to play for as ...

David Mitchell: Host / Presenter
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Feb 9, 2020 · A tense episode drops everything Holly Gibney learned in Ohio on the table, then steps back to see how everyone responds to the impossible.
Feb 9, 2020 · Gibney presents her unbelievable evidence, and finds herself in danger in episode 6 of 'The Outsider.'
Nov 3, 2021 · Episode Guide for Outsiders 1x06: Day 6. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more.
Feb 10, 2020 · The Outsider Episode 6. For a detective like Ralph Anderson, evidence is everything. As he says in the episode, if something doesn't seem to ...

Series: The Outsider
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