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Jean-Michel Basquiat / Influenced by
Andy Warhol
People also ask
What was the most powerful influence on Basquiat?
He drew inspiration from unexpected places like the jazz music his father used to listen to at home. He would scribble his own versions of comic books, cartoons and biblical scenes on scrap paper from his father's office. But it was a medical encyclopedia that arguably exerted the most powerful influence on Basquiat.
What was one of Basquiat's many sources of inspiration?
With a Haitian-American father and a Puerto Rican mother, Basquiat's diverse cultural heritage was one of his many sources of inspiration. A self-taught artist, Basquiat began drawing at an early age on sheets of paper his father, an accountant, brought home from the office.
Was Basquiat influenced by Picasso?
The artists he admired also became a source of inspiration in his own works. Picasso was one of Basquiat's most important artistic heroes. 'PABLO PICASSO' is written seven times across the canvas, the name repeated as if it were sacred.
How did Basquiat influence music?
“Basquiat is really the connection between these two worlds.” The artist's emergence in the 1980s was consistent with the spread of hip-hop culture. He famously appeared in Blondie's music video for the song “Rapture” — the first rap music video to appear on MTV. Bebop musicians were a departure from the norm.
Sep 6, 2021 · From blues biographies to the history of African art, read a list of legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat's most beloved books.
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Nov 22, 2011 · Visual artists influenced by Basquiat include David Hewitt, Scott Haley, Barb Sherin, and Mi Be in North America, as well as European and Asian ...
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Jan 21, 2021 · Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”—Jean-Michel Basquiat(December ...
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But as clear as the impact of comics were on Basquiat, they made up only a small part of the many influences that fueled his surreal, free-associative works.
Apr 12, 2022 · One need not be a detective of art history to uncover Brooklyn-born art star Jean-Michel Basquiat's multiple musical influences.
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