Downtown 81 / Director
Edo Bertoglio

Edo Bertoglio

Swiss photographer
Edo Bertoglio is a Swiss photographer and film director. He is the director of Downtown 81. Wikipedia
Born: July 11, 1951 (age 70 years), Lugano, Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Spouse: Maripol
Downtown 81 is a 2000 American film that was shot in 1980-1981. ... The film was directed by Edo Bertoglio and written and produced by Glenn O'Brien and Patrick ...
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Directed by: Edo Bertoglio
Music by: Vincent Gallo
Starring: Jean-Michel Basquiat; Anne Carlisle
Box office: $108,058
Rating (1,322)
After being released from the hospital, the artist Jean Michel Basquiat wanders around Manhattan trying to sell art to make money and find a place to stay.
Jean-Michel Basquiat plays a version of himself in 'Downtown 81,' Edo Bertoglio and Glenn O'Brien's long-buried tour through lower ...
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
"Downtown 81", a film with starring Jean-Michel Basquiat, directed by Edo Bertoglio. Debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.
Rating (29)
"Downtown 81" is a feature film starring the legendary American artist Jean Michel Basquiat (1960-1988.) Basquiat was a 19 year old painter, graffiti artist ...

Producer: Maripol
Release Date (Streaming): Sep 10, 2002
Box Office (Gross USA): $25.0K
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Oct 4, 2019 · 1981, writer and Warhol ... with a script by ...
Duration: 1:28
Posted: Oct 4, 2019
Nov 6, 2019 · Basquiat, the much-praised artist who was 27 when he passed away, was given his first art supplies by the production team of Downtown 81, the ...
Rating (238)
Legendary painter, graffiti artist, poet and musician Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) was only 19 years old when he played the lead in DOWNTOWN 81, ...
DOWNTOWN 81, A “LOST” NO-BUDGET FILM shot on location in Manhattan some nineteen years ago, finally had its debut last month, at Cannes. Directed by Edo ...
Directed by Edo Bertoglio • 2000 • United States Starring Jean Michel Basquiat, Anna Schroeder, Giorgio Gomelsky In 1981, writer and Warhol associate Glenn ...