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6 days ago · fanatic meaning: 1. a person who is extremely interested in something, to a degree that some people find…. Learn more.
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What is a fanatic person?
English Language Learners Definition of fanatic : a person who is very enthusiastic about something. : someone who has extreme ideas about politics, religion, etc. See the full definition for fanatic in the English Language Learners Dictionary. fanatic. adjective.
Is fanatic an insult?
Other times, fanatic is not used negatively but instead simply refers to someone who is extreme in their devotion or enthusiasm for an interest or hobby.
What's the meaning of fnatic?
/fəˈnęt̬·ɪk/ a person whose strong admiration for something is extreme and unreasonable: a fitness/exercise fanatic.
Oct 6, 2021
Is fanatic a fan?
The word 'fan', in most cases, has a positive connotation. ... Unlike 'fan', the word 'fanatic' is usually used to show disapproval. A fanatic is someone who is not just enthusiastic, but excessively enthusiastic about something.
Jun 12, 2021
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Usually one thinks of religious and political fanatics totally devoted to and enthusiastically ... Fanaticism is, unfortunately, very hard to define.
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