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People also ask
Is Christopher Nolan making a movie?
Christopher Nolan's last movie Tenet, a mind-bending time travel thriller, took on a larger-than-life meaning thanks to its release in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic last summer. ... Nolan will produce the film alongside his wife and longtime co-producer Emma Thomas.
Oct 21, 2021
What is the movie Tenet about?
A secret agent is given a single word as his weapon and sent to prevent the onset of World War III. He must travel through time and bend the laws of nature in order to be successful in his mission.
Tenet / Film synopsis
What is Oppenheimer gonna be about?
Christopher Nolan is set to return to movie theaters in 2023 with the release of “Oppenheimer,” based on the life of theoretical physicist and “the father of the Atomic bomb” J. ... Nolan has never made a biographical drama before, but don't expect the Oscar-nominated director to take the traditional biopic route.
Jan 4, 2021
Is Tenet based on a book?
The Secrets of Tenet | Book by James Mottram, Kenneth Branagh, John David Washington | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.
Jan 4, 2021 · Christopher Nolan is set to return to movie theaters in 2023 with the release of “Oppenheimer,” based on the life of theoretical physicist ...
Oct 21, 2021 · Cillian Murphy will star as J. Robert Oppenheimer, who developed the atom bomb. ... Christopher Nolan's last movie Tenet, a mind-bending time ...
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Jan 6, 2022 · Christopher Nolan's latest project is a biographical drama movie titled Oppenheimer, and here's everything you need to know about it.
Sep 9, 2021 · EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Nolan is readying his next film, and Deadline hears that like Dunkirk it will focus on a seminal moment in World War ...
Jan 4, 2022 · Universal had no comment. Universal will distribute Oppenheimer theatrically worldwide and release the film in North America. Nolan will also be ...
5 days ago · Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned that Keanu Reeves and Christopher Nolan have met to discuss an upcoming movie.
Tenet is a 2020 science fiction action thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, who produced it with Emma Thomas. A co-production between ...
Nov 2, 2021 · Nolan's new movie is adding some huge names to its cast ... When you add Christopher Nolan to the equation, though, everyone's interest ...
Oct 9, 2021 · Christopher Nolan has announced his next film, titled Oppenheimer. It will star Cillian Murphy and will release in 2023. Christopher Nolan's ...