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Aug 25, 2020 · christopher nolan : "cillian murphy has the most extraordinary eyes, and i kept trying to invent excuses for him to take his glasses off in ...
Nov 4, 2011 · Frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan is another fan. Talking about casting him in Batman Begins, Nolan said, "He has the most extraordinary ...
People also ask
What kind of eyes does Cillian Murphy have?
Does Cillian Murphy have a wife?
Yvonne McGuinness
In 2020, The Irish Times named him one of the greatest Irish film actors. Murphy is married to Irish visual artist Yvonne McGuinness and has two sons with her.
Was Cillian Murphy meant to be Batman?
Cillian Murphy says he never considered himself Batman material for superhero movie. Cillian Murphy has said that he “never, ever, ever considered” himself Batman material despite being in the running to play the superhero back in 2003.
How rich is Cillian Murphy?
Jul 26, 2012 · Up until now I'd been harbouring a conspiracy theory that Christopher Nolan suffers from a virulent hatred and envy of Cillian Murphy's ...
Feb 13, 2019 · 'Peaky Blinders': Meet Cillian Murphy, the blue-eyed Irish lad who ... Known to be Christopher Nolan's go-to-guy, this 42-year-old actor is ...
Frank Zappa, Christopher Nolan, Trivia, ... Cillian Murphy is flawless Cillian Murphy Kids, Cillian Murphy Scarecrow, Beautiful Blue Eyes,. Cillian Murphy ...
Cillian Murphy, Actors, Dreams, Eyes, Cat Eyes, Actor ... Cillian Murphy · Cillan Murphy Nolan Film, Christopher Nolan, Archive, Pretty, Books, People,.
Cillian Murphy Eyes 'A Quiet Place 2' Role, Probably As Someone Creepy. By. John Nolan. -. March 30, 2019.
Oct 21, 2021 · Christopher Nolan movies have always attracted amazing casts, and it seems his latest project is no exception.
Jul 29, 2022 · The new teaser for Oppenheimer has Christopher Nolan fans intrigued by and excited for the big-budget ... Cillian Murphy Has Uncanny Eyes.
Cillian Murphy 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. He plays the Scarecrow in the 2005 film, Batman Begins. The director, Christopher Nolan found Murphy's eyes ...