Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory

Succession: Season 1, Episode 2
Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated succession debate among his children; Greg is tasked with retrieving important items from the Roy apartment; Kendall makes an impassioned final plea to keep Waystar Royco in the family.
Air date: June 10, 2018
Previous episode: Celebration
Next episode: Lifeboats
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Rating (1,850)
Season 1 | Episode 2 ... Jesse Armstrong (created by), Tony Roche | 1 more credit » ... Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook in Succession (2018) Jeremy Strong in  ... Runtime: 64 min Director: Mark Mylod Release Date: 10 June 2018 (USA) Writers: Jesse Armstrong (created by), Tony Roche | 1 more credit
Aug 8, 2018 · HBO's Succession deepens the characters in Season 1, Episode 2, Next of Kin, as the family continues to crumble apart.
Oct 15, 2019 · Oct 15 Succession Season 1, Episode 2: "Shit Show at the F*** Factory" Recap · “ Shit Show at the F*** Factory” is a bottle episode that takes place ...
S1 Ep 2: Sh*t Show at the F**k Factory ... The Roy family is in limbo after Logan's stroke and subsequent coma. ... Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated succession ...

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Did Marcia leave Logan in succession?
Upon Logan's return, Marcia makes her exit, while Logan and Rhea talk more business.
Is Roman married on succession?
He is married to Marcia, his third wife. Kieran Culkin as Romulus "Roman" Roy, the third and youngest son of Logan Roy, from his second marriage. Roman is immature, does not take responsibilities seriously, and often finds himself lacking the common sense his father requires of him.
What family is succession based on?
As show creator and writer Jesse Armstrong has previously explained, the Roy family is based on a combination of the Murdoch, Disney, Roberts and Redstone families, in addition to a few others.
What happens to Kendall in succession?
Following a grueling family summit on a gigantic black yacht that looks as if it could have been made by the intergalactic shipyard that manufactured the Imperial Fleet in Star Wars, Logan chose Kendall to fall on his sword to save the company, but the son turned on the father instead, publicly declaring him a vile and ...
Jun 10, 2018 · After Logan fired Frank (Peter Friedman) as COO in the previous episode, he appointed Roman to take Frank's place in the company, which ...
Season, Episodes, Originally aired, Average viewership (in millions). First aired, Last aired. 1, 10, June 3, 2018 (2018-06-03), August 5, 2018 (2018-08-05) ... 2, 10, August 11, 2019 (2019-08-11), October 13, 2019 ... No. of episodes: 20 (list of episodes) Producers: Regina Heyman; Dara Schnapper; Gabrielle Mahon Production location: New York Production companies: Gary Sanchez Productions; Hyperobject Industries; Project Zeus
35 votes, 140 comments. Season 1 Episode 2: Aired: June 10, 2018 Synopsis: Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated succession debate among his …
Season 1, Episode 2 ... <font-family:Trajan Pro;font color="white">Episode Guide ... Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated succession debate among his ...
Logan's incapacitation sets off a heated debate among his children, as the board rushes to inform the media about leadership contingencies before the stock ...
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