Twelve Forever

A precocious girl creates a fantasy world where she never has to grow up.
Director: Robert Alvarez
Music composed by: Adam Deibert
Production company: Cartoon Network
Producer: Nate Funaro
Executive producers: Curtis Lelash and Brian A. Miller
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Is twelve forever worth watching?
Twelve Forever is a surprisingly touching show that will appeal to older kids, teens, and adults. ... Younger kids might be baffled by the humor and the intense weirdness of Endless Island, but tweens and teens are sure to love this fun new show.
Is twelve forever Cancelled?
Cancellation. In September 2019, Shadi Petosky announced that the show had been cancelled in a now-deleted tweet.
What happened to the creator of twelve forever?
Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Creator Julia Vickerman was fired from the show during its production due to her mistreating her co-workers. She was replaced as showrunner by Shadi Petosky (Danger & Eggs), although Vickerman is still credited as executive producer for much of the series' run.
How many seasons of 12 Forever are there?
Twelve Forever / Number of seasons
Movie Info. A precocious girl creates a fantasy world where she never has to grow up. Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Kids & family. Original Language:.
Rating (133)
An enthusiastic young girl who doesn't want to grow up creates a fantastic world for herself where she never has to.
Twelve forever is a pilot created by Julia Vickerman posted to Cartoon Networks YouTube channel on May 18th 2015. Despite being produced by Cartoon Network ...

Season: 0
Episode: 1
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Twelve Forever (S) is a film directed by Julia Vickerman (Creator) with Animation. Year: 2015. Original title: Twelve Forever (S).
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Dec 8, 2017 · Netflix has picked up Twelve Forever, an animated comedy series created by Julia Vickerman that will debut on the streaming service in 2019.
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