The Pity Card

Short/Comedy ‧ 12 mins
6.5/10 · IMDb 3.4/5 · Letterboxd 3.2/5 · RYM
Two people go to a Holocaust museum for their first date.
Rating (165)
The Pity Card: Directed by Bob Odenkirk. With Simon Helberg, Derek Waters, Ange Billman, Lara Everly. Is the best place for a first date really the ...
Jun 27, 2010 · Watch the short film The Pity Card. Simon learns that the Holocaust Museum is not a good place for a first date. Duration 12 min 32 sec
Mar 16, 2008 · From the mind of Bob Odenkirk comes this very natural comedy about two real-life friends, Derek and Simon, and their struggle to find love.
The Pity Card. PG-13. 2006, Comedy, 12m. --. Tomatometer 0 Reviews. --. Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings. No critics 3. No audience 3. No videos 3.
Rating (83)
Funny and ridiculous. Produced as half of a "Derek & Simon" pilot for HBO (the other half is called "A Bee and a Cigarette"). Directed by Bob Odenkirk.
Oct 1, 2008 · Courtesy of the YouTube Screening Room and Wholphin, check out a great short film by Bob Odenkirk called The Pity Card. It's a clever short, ...
Derek & Simon: The Pity Card (S) (2006) ; Synopsis: Is the best place for a first date really the Holocaust Museum? ; Director. Bob Odenkirk ; Cast. Simon Helberg.
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Nov 13, 2006 · Derek & Simon: The Pity Card ... Directed by Bob Odenkirk for a cable pilot which didn't get picked up, then distributed to some film festivals ( ...