Anna Meredith and her band performing live at Fabric, London on 10 November 2021, in support of the album Fibs. From left to right are Meredith (keys, ...

Born: 12 January 1978 (age 43); Tufnell Park, North London, England
Genres: Modern classical; experimental music
Labels: Moshi Moshi
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Where is Anna Meredith from?
Tufnell Park, London, United Kingdom
Anna Meredith / Place of birth
Is Anna Meredith Scottish?
Anna Howard Meredith MBE (born 12 January 1978) is a Scottish composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music. She is a former composer-in-residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and former PRS/RPS Composer in the House with Sinfonia ViVA.
What does Anna Meredith do?
Anna Meredith (MBE) is a composer, producer and performer of both acoustic and electronic music.
What instruments does Anna Meredith play?
In front of her were an electronic keyboard, a sound mixer bristling with knobs, two drums and a toy xylophone. A clarinet on a stand stood on the floor next to an electronic drum pad. After a short pause, Ms. Meredith picked up the clarinet, grimaced and glanced across at her bandmates.
Anna has been Composer in Residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the RPS/PRS Composer in the House with Sinfonia ViVA. She has presented for BBC ...
Coming Up… Live. Quartets by Anna Meredith w/ Ligeti Quartet @ Kings Place. Dec 5. Dec 5, 2021. Quartets by Anna Meredith w/ Ligeti Quartet @ Kings Place.
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Mixing musical styles with skill and verve, the classical composer turned left‑field pop artist's exhilarating live show is a feast of sonic ...
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Aug 23, 2021 · Anna Meredith returns to the Edinburgh International Festival in triumphant style, celebrating her exceptional second studio album, FIBS.
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Anna says: “I've ALWAYS wanted to do a dance routine video and always had in the back ... Anna Meredith - Paramour (Mercury Prize 2020: Album of the Year).
Composer: BUMPS PER MINUTES ( ) OUT NOW! Tourin' soon (other albums = FIBS, Varmints, Anno & I do some Film&TV gubbins )
Straddling the different worlds of contemporary classical, art pop, electronica, sonic installations and film scoring, Anna Meredith's work has been ...