RJ Mitte interview: Disability doesn't mean weakness
RJ Mitte interview: Disability doesn't mean weakness - YouTube
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Does RJ Mitte have a disability?
One of the few television actors with a visible disability, Mitte helped shed light on CP, which is marked by impaired motor coordination and affects one in 323 children in the United States. Unlike his on-screen character, Mitte has a milder form of CP, and does not use crutches or slur his speech.
Does RJ Mitte actually have cerebral?
The actor has cerebral palsy, but he was not diagnosed at birth. It took years for his family to learn about his disability.
How old was RJ Mitte at the beginning of Breaking Bad?
on Breaking Bad. Mitte auditioned for the role when he was 13 years old and spent the entirety of his teenage years on the show. He was already 21 years old by the time the final eight episodes of the series aired in late summer 2013.
Is RJ Mitte still acting?
He has appeared in films including The Recall, Dixieland and Standing Up for Sunny. In 2019, he appeared in two episodes of HBO's Now Apocalypse. Mitte is still acting and is a strong advocate for people with disabilities.
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