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In the final moments of the series, the mother of five finds out that Daya is attempting to pull another one of Aleida's daughters into their cycle and takes matters into her own hands. Confronted with the woman her daughter has become, Aleida strangles Daya.
Aug 1, 2019
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Does Daya get life?
After falling in love with a guard and having a baby, Daya got involved in the prison riots of Season 5. She shot the villainous CO Humphry, who eventually died during the days long riots. She eventually got a life sentence, losing all hope for a future.
Does Daya and Bennett stay together?
By the end of the episode, Bennett, after proposing to Daya, quit his job at Litchfield. He had witnessed the kind of life their child would have with Cesar and then ended things with her. While Bennett was no longer seen on Orange Is the New Black before it ended, later episodes confirmed that he left Daya for good.
Why does Daya have a life sentence?
Daya, who has been sentenced to life for killing a guard during the riot, has become her block's ruthless boss. But when Aleida's younger daughter becomes involved with an older drug dealer, Aleida beats him up and smashes his car, landing the mother of five back behind bars.
Was that Daya's baby at the end of Oitnb?
Armaria is finally born in "Don't Make Me Come Back There" and is given to Cesar, although she was originally supposed to be adopted by Mendez's mother, Delia Powell.
Aug 2, 2019 · And when Daya suggested that she was going to corrupt her younger sisters by bringing them into the “family business,” Aleida finally snapped.
Aug 3, 2019 · In the seventh and final season of the beloved Netflix series, Dascha Polanco's character, Daya, faces a life sentence and the complete loss of ...
Aug 2, 2019 · It is unclear what happens to Daya in the scene but Dascha Polanco has revealed that, actually, Daya survives the attack. Aleida strangles Daya.
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Aug 9, 2019 · In season seven of Orange Is the New Black, Daya became the drug kingpin of the prison. She took over from her girlfriend Daddy (Vicci Martinez) ...