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What are some examples of brainstorming?

10 effective team brainstorming techniques

Brainwriting. ...
Rapid ideation. ...
Figure storming. ...
Eidetic image method. ...
Online brainstorming, aka brain netting. ...
Round-robin brainstorming. ...
Step-ladder technique. ...
Mind mapping.
What is brainstorming technique with example?
Here's an example: Your organization is launching a new product and your team is responsible for packaging. Now, your manager will most likely schedule a brainstorming session where you can play around with potential designs. You come up with a sustainable way to package your products but aren't sure about the cost.
How do you write brainstorming?

Use these tips:

Start with one or two words. You can use your main topic if you've got one.
Write down the first word that come to mind.
Look at your new word and write down the next that comes to mind. Repeat!
Give yourself a time limit or a word limit.
Sift back through your results to solidify ideas.
What are some good brainstorming questions?

Creative thinking brainstorming questions

What's the best outcome you can think of for this project?
What's the worst outcome you can think of for this project?
How would you manage that negative outcome?
How would a child identify with this project?
Who would be most concerned if this project is successful?
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4 techniques et exemples de brainstorming · 1. Carte mentale · 2. Brainwriting · 3. Idée rapide · 4. Brainstorming en étoile.