Actor RJ Mitte rose to fame at the age of 14 when he was cast as Walter White Jr in cult series Breaking Bad. He has cerebral palsy and was bullied when he was younger because of his disability. ... Now he says it is time to end the stigma surrounding disability.
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Is Walter Junior disabled in real life?
The actor who plays Walt Jr, RJ Mitte, does in fact have cerebral palsy just like his on-screen character. However, Mitte's case is relatively mild compared to Junior's, so he had to learn to walk convincingly on crutches and change his speech for the part.
Can RJ Mitte walk normally?
Cerebral palsy affects movement and coordination, but Mitte walks unaided, and his speech is much clearer than the slurred voice he adopted to play Walt Jr. As a young boy, he spent years with his legs in braces to stretch the muscles, while physio and speech therapy were part of his daily routine.
Is RJ Mitte special needs?
Like his character on the show, he has cerebral palsy. After moving to Hollywood in 2006, he began training with personal talent manager Addison Witt. They sought acting opportunities where his disability would serve to educate viewers, which led him to audition for the role in Breaking Bad.
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