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Peter "Pete" Hornberger is the producer of TGS portrayed by Scott Adsit. Role on the show.
Peter "Pete" Hornberger (Scott Adsit) is one of the producers of TGS, who often serves as a straight man to the other characters. He works closely with and serves ... Main characters · Recurring GE/NBC ... · Liz's love interests
Adsit is known for his role as Pete Hornberger, the well-meaning but jaded executive producer, on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, which won a Screen Actors Guild ... Career · 2000s · 2010s · Filmography

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Pete Hornberger is the "sane," quick-witted producer of TGS, who serves as Liz's most trusted friend. He works closely with head writer Liz Lemon, whom, ...
Actor Bio. Scott Adsit plays producer Pete Hornberger on NBC's three-time Emmy Award-winning "30 Rock," a workplace comedy where the workplace exists ...
30 Rock (TV Series 2006–2013) Scott Adsit as Pete Hornberger, Gruber Brother.
Pete Hornberger : [in a high-pitched voice to his kid over the phone] Elmo wants you to aim your pee-pee at the potty! No, not at Mommy, at the potty! How is that ...
Aug 22, 2013 · Funnyman Scott Adsit is probably best known for his role as perennial sad sack Pete Hornberger on the hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock. A blundering ...
Trying to hunt down a Pete Hornberger quote and Cant remember which episode it's on. Im sorry for the limited context, and I may be mixing a few different ...
He doesn't shave in her kitchen, and he's never been on To Catch a Predator; he's happy in New York and she knows almost everything worth knowing about ...

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